The Art of Passive Income

An Easy Way To Understand Your Target Demographic

Episode Summary

On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome owner and founder of Culler Media, podcaster, mentor, and real estate investor, Josh Culler to the show.

Episode Notes

Josh Culler is the owner and founder of Culler Media and podcast host of REI Marketing Weekly and The Content Marketing Playbook. Also, he is a sought-after mentor and an active real estate investor. He has been in the real estate investing industry for seven (7) years and has helped hundreds of investors in their marketing efforts.

Like many successful people before him, he didn’t go to school to study real estate in the effort to find a job. He was introduced to real estate at 19 years old by the father of his close friend. At the time, he just wanted a job that offered him the opportunity to be the creative genius that he is and make good money at the same time. After working for a while with several competitors, real estate investors, and clients, Josh discovered that he had a deep passion for content marketing and video production. Putting the other aspects of real estate on the backbench, he focused on strengthening his content marketing skills, which led to him zeroing in on a sore point for many real estate industry folks, video production. Through many successes and failures, he was able to break down the mammoth tasks of successful content marketing into simple, easy to follow steps that guarantee the best ROI.

With his infectious personality and headstrong drive for success, Josh connects with his target demographic and clients on a friend-to-friend level. This skill of understanding your demography and maintaining open communication is one he aspires to teach all who seek him for guidance and mentorship. Through his company, Culler Media, he has positively impacted hundreds of people and aims to reach thousands, even millions more.  

Listen in as they discuss:

And, more!

Every quatre is like dog years when it comes to marketing because it evolves so quickly. ~Josh Culler


Mark: My tip of the week actually can move the needle in your life. Start blowing up your content marketing, learn your target audience, and where and what is going to be the most receptive message for them, then go to

Scott: If you like money and want more of it then you have to read The 1-Page Marketing Plan that Josh Culler mentioned.

Josh: My tip of the week is: create relevant content for your target demographic. When it comes to creating contextual; relevant content for your target demographic is going to take you far above what you could possibly imagine when it comes to competing with your competitors. That could be several mediums like writing, video, podcast, etc. This is why knowing your target demographic is so important because if your target demographic is not listening to your podcast then don't put it on your podcast. If they're not reading articles don't put it in your articles. Creating contextual marketing to your target demographic that is relevant to them is important. The purest definition of content marketing is answering the questions of your target demographic or audience has about your industry, services, or products.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?