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Everything You Need To Know About Single Tenant Leasing In The Commercial Market

Episode Summary

We talk with Pam Goodwin about her expertise in single tenant commercial leasing and her specialty—retail and restaurant pad site development.

Episode Notes

Pam Goodwin is an expert in commercial real estate, more specifically, single tenant leasing. And today, she gives us an inside look into her specialty—retail and restaurant pad site development.

Pam is a speaker, a number one bestselling author, trainer, success consultant and media personality in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

She is the principal and founder of Goodwin Commercial, a boutique commercial real estate and consulting firm specializing in developing retail and restaurant pad sites. 

With more than 20 years of experience in tenant representation, project management, property development, and leasing, Pam is an expert at helping investors buy/sell property and build wealth.

Pam's Bestselling Books 

Listen In As... 

Pam rewinds the tape and talks about how she developed her career in land development and leasing to companies such as Walgreen's, Chase, McDonald's to name a few. 

It all started with the development of a couple little restaurant chains you may have heard of… Pam developed 50 Chili’s from the ground up and On The Border for the entire country. 

Pam walks us through the development process in order of sequence:

All the while, trying to find a tenant before it even closes. She doesn’t put anything under contract unless she’s 75% sure she could fill it because, she stresses that, reputation is key!

We also get into the numbers and Pam gives us all the details on:

And finally, the big payday—selling the investment!  

With a 1-5 year hold time, find out what kind of numbers Pam could expect to get. Plus, Pam talks about how to mitigate the risks, which includes taking a deep dive into the due diligence and so much more! 

“What happens if this changes your life and you could make a couple hundred thousand or even a million dollars on one deal... How would that impact you?”

Listen in to find out more about this interesting market that has left Scott Todd with some serious shiny object syndrome!


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