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How Do We Pay VAs For Social Media Marketing?

Episode Summary

On this week’s round table episode, the Land Geeks discuss how their VAs are paid for marketing their properties on various platforms.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss how much they paying their VAs to post on Facebook, Craigslist, and other marketing platforms. They also discuss the strategies they use for posting ads per unique APN in a geographical area.


Teria: My tip is pretty basic and it’s kind of one of the Land Geek’s staple, it’s what we first heard when we got the Bootcamp and we held on to it, it’s Remember Your Why. There were times in our business where things are going really well and things aren’t going well and it’s when those moments where we’re really frustrated, there were times we really thought this is not going to work, we’re going to give up. But we always went back to our WHY: Why did we get into this, what’s the purpose of it, what are we going to get out of it? That was our driving force, so REMEMBER YOUR WHY.

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