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How The Land Geeks Strategies Skyrocketed My Land Investing Business

Episode Summary

Get ready for another exciting Grill The Geek episode on this week’s Round Table discussion as the Land Geeks put the spotlight on one of their former coaching clients who has been making waves in the land business.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark for this session are:

…and our special guest, Luke Harris!

Listen in as the Land Geeks go around the table and grill Luke on:

And, more!

Luke also shares with us how he discovered the Land Geek community and how his business took off after receiving his coaching sessions from Tate. 


Luke: My tip is a book called “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Basically, the idea of this is, you find somebody to solve your problem, you don’t figure out how to do it yourself. It simplifies your life and it gives you freedom of time.

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