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How To Conquer Entrepreneurial Fear With The Mindset Of A Navy SEAL

Episode Summary

Former Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb, joins us to talk about his time in service and how you can conquer your entrepreneurial fears, with the mindset of a SEAL!

Episode Notes

Our guest today, Brandon Webb, is going to help you conquer your entrepreneurial fear like a Navy SEAL. And he knows a thing or two about the mindset of a SEAL, because he is a former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper. 

In 1997, when Brandon’s SEAL training package was approved, he joined over 200 students in class 215, and went on to complete the training as 1 of 23 originals.

Throughout his career he completed four deployments to the Middle East, one to Afghanistan and deployed to Iraq in 2006-7 as an OGA contractor.

Brandon finished his time in the Navy as the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Course Manager. 

Brandon the entrepreneur is a New York Times bestselling author. After a failed startup in 2008 he went on to found two brands, and and grew them to an 8-figure revenue. 

Brandon attended undergrad studies at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Harvard Business School’s Executive Program for business owners.

He is a member of the New York YPO chapter and served as an appointed board member on the veterans advisory committee to the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

He is regularly featured in the media as a military and business subject matter expert. He has contributed to ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, CNN, the BBC, SIRIUS XM, MSNBC, Fox, The New York Post, and The New York Times.

Brandon is not only the baddest man in the room, he is a big deal! 

Join us as Brandon gives us the expanded version of his time as a Navy SEAL and we do a deep dive into his mindset as a SEAL and how training and embracing the suck translated into Brandon’s entrepreneurial journey. 

To sum it up in two words—action and perseverance

Find out what Brandon has to say about: 

And, more!!

People think that there's some secret tip or code or some line that they can skip, some backdoor that they can go into and it's just not the case. You've got to put in the work, the hard work, and educate yourself. Whatever it is you're going to do, come up with a plan. And to Scott’s point, you've actually got to execute on the plan.”

Brandon didn’t let others dictate his success. He had a plan, he embraced the suck, he took action, and he got results! 


Mark: Learn more and get more wisdom from Brandon Webb at Also, check out and

Scott: Pick up Brandon’s book, Mastering Fear. Fear stops more people from achieving their dreams than anything else. Read it, take action on it and change your life.

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Brandon: Just go get it done. And check out the book by Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers. It’s about how we're not as good as we think we are, judging people, because we have this bias towards trusting when we should be a little bit more data-driven.

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