The Art of Passive Income

How To Find Cash For Real Estate Deals The Easy Way

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Matt Bell of, drops by to talk about how you can find cash for your real estate deals the easy way!

Episode Notes

Need money for a real estate deal? There’s an easy button for that and today’s guest, Matt Bell of Easy Button Lending, is going to show us how it’s done.

Matt is a real estate investment strategist and certified fund manager who partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs across the country to grow both net worth and cash flow in order to accelerate their path to retirement. 

Working initially in real estate as a licensed realtor focused on finding, analyzing, and acquiring investment properties for professionals. Matt ultimately found his way into consulting for a large institutional real estate investment firm as a Director of Renovation, having bought, renovated either resold or rented over 5600 single-family residential properties in the past seven years. 

Matt created Easy Button Lending to connect people from all different types of real estate with lending opportunities to fit not only their specific deal, but also their specific state. The platform has over 130 lenders in 50 states that are waiting to compete for your deals.

Join us as Matt rewinds the tape and tells us how he got into the real estate field and how he accomplished an astonishing 5500 home renovations in four and a half years in 17 cities and in 11 states! 

Then the guys talk, Easy Button Lending! Matt delves into how the platform works and how it differentiates and transcends in a competitive arena. 

Find out all the details of:

And so much more!

First and foremost you need to invest in yourself by reading books, hiring mentors, and plugging into different mastermind groups. I think that network is what really carries you.”

Matt has found a way to take the headache away from funding your real estate deals, no matter the size or the type, Easy Button Lending connects you with qualified lenders with one easy button.

Listen in for all the details.


Mark: My tip is, Show me the money—Get that money at and have these private money lenders compete for your business even in raw land

Scott: Check out the Google Chrome plugin, Table Capture.  When you download this you can mark fields on a website for example, and what it does is it takes the fields and dumps them into an excel file. No more having to screen scraping the data.

Matt: If you want something that's applicable across the board, check out one of my favorite books, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?