The Art of Passive Income

How To Mentally Mind The Inevitable Dips

Episode Summary

On this week’s round table episode, the Land Geeks discuss how they mentally mind the inevitable dips in their business and their lives.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss what they have done to keep it going when they are faced with inevitable dips. They also identify some effective ways in which you can manage and overcome inevitable dips in your lives and your business.


Mike: There are three things that can help someone when they're in the dip. Number one is gratitude. Be grateful you've found this niche to build your passive income machine and change your life. Number two is mentorship. Surround yourself with those that are smarter than you and can guide you through the dips. Number three is accountability. Find someone to go through the journey with you and push you to keep going. 

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