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In What Ways Are People Overcomplicating The Land Business?

Episode Summary

On this week’s roundtable episode, the Land Geeks share several ways they have seen people overcomplicate the land business.

Episode Notes

With Mark being absent, Teria steps in to host this week’s roundtable discussion.

Joining Teria are:

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss some of the things they are seeing people do to overcomplicate a simple business. Whether it be the compilation process of a deal of the week or simply posting an ad to Facebook, tune in to hear the Land Geeks elaborate more on these simple processes that are often overcomplicated.


Tate: My tip is an article from Derek Sivers titled Six Things I Wish I Knew the Day I Started. I love it.

Step 1: Focus. Disconnect. Do not be distracted.

Step 2: Do not accept their speed limit.

Step 3: Nobody will teach you anything. You have to teach yourself.

Step 4: Learn from your heroes, not only theirs.

Step 5: Don’t get stuck in the past.

Step 6: When done, be valuable.

I encourage everybody to read or listen to it.

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