The Art of Passive Income

Is Success Better Guaranteed When You Focus On One Area Instead Of Multiple?

Episode Summary

In this week’s round table discussion— the Land Geeks discuss is it better to focus and dominate one area to achieve success or operate in multiple areas at the same time.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss the benefits and possibilities of focusing on one county versus operating in multiple counties at the same time. They also share with us how they became successful with their approach to buying properties when they got started in the land business.


Tate: One of my main tools that I use to communicating with the VA Team is a software called  Slack, and what I dislike about slack is I can't set recurring reminders, so my tip of the week is Workast.  It's a Slack plug-in, it's free and you can set a recurring daily/weekly/monthly/yearly task and send over to your VA Team. It's super easy and what I like about it is once your team gets things done you'll get a notification.

Scott: People fear they'll run into a problem with their business, it's not a business problem, but it's in the brain like a mental disconnect -we're scared. There are many different ways you can attack this, try this for a week or two to solve this problem, grab a spiral notebook or just 3 pieces of paper and every day start writing everything that comes to your mind. Write everything until you've filled the 2-3 pages and put it inside an envelope, don't read it and don't think about it just put it away and what you'll find in doing so is that all of those fears, all of those emotions, everything evaporates on that piece of paper. Don't stop your pen from writing even if you don't have anything to say, just keep writing. You'll find that all of those fears disappear and all of a sudden your brain is clear. You'll start to have a vision on how to grow your business or whatever it is that you want. 

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