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Reasons To Invest In Counties That Are More Saturated

Episode Summary

Have you been wondering why land investors continue to purchase land in counties that are highly saturated with other land investors? For this week’s round table episode, the Land Geeks discuss this topic.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss the reasons why they continue to invest in counties that are highly saturated with land investors instead of buying more land in counties with a lesser saturated market and fewer land investors.


Tate: This is a tool that I actually used to help a customer who is buying raw land from us, just check it. It’s not a typical tool, this tool is the Oregon Water Resources Department Well Report Mapping Tool, so if you go to it and you’re selling land in this area and you get the question that we often do: talk to me about water and depths, this tool will allow you to plug in your property. You can identify and give you a rough estimate of how deep you have to drill. It’s pretty cool, I like maps and GIS systems, it’s pretty similar to that but it’s got the water information. It will save you a call to the county. If you’re in Oregon or if you work for the state of Oregon, this works for you.

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