The Art of Passive Income

What Mindset Is Needed to Be Successful in The Land Business Today?

Episode Summary

In this week’s round table discussion— the Land Geeks discuss the right mindset leading to success for new investors in the land industry today.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in to hear advice from The Land Geek team on what it takes to get started, stay consistent, overcome hurdles, and achieve tremendous success in the land industry. 


Mimi: Mimi: This tip is from a couple different articles, Facebook has changed their desktop inner face, you'll notice that they keep Facebook Analytics that you can no longer see the views and the number of messages that each of your market place Ads is getting so it's hard to know if the Ads are productive or if we need to renew them. You can see the comments but you have to count it manually, and that's not a very effective use of time. But there's a desktop free design that is made available, when you go to your settings then flip the old view to new view at this point, but eventually they will go to the new view. The Facebook is pushing less of the news feed and trying to push their events to groups. They're pushing people to use Groups more. Read more about it HERE.

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