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Why You Need To Go To The Land Geek Bootcamp

Episode Summary

On this week’s round table episode, the Land Geeks discuss reasons why you should go to the Land Geek Bootcamp.

Episode Notes

Joining Mark this week are:

Listen in as they go around the table and share several reasons why the Land Geek Bootcamp is the place to be on January 22nd-24th, 2021. The Land Geeks and many other like-minded people in the business will be present sharing their stories, experiences, providing advice, and more. This up-coming Bootcamp is one you can’t afford to miss. 


Teria: I have several coaching clients that I have been in communication with and they're all asking about pictures of their properties and marketing like how do I market my properties if I don't have pictures, and what pictures can I use, and how expensive they are. So there is a website called, and this website allows you to go in and search for specific pictures: land pictures. And you can utilize these pictures for free to market your properties.

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